About Raven XTreme

Raven XTreme brand was created to show people that no matter how hard things get in life, NEVER GIVE UP, especially on yourself. The brand was created to support all the branches of the military. After much debate about what to call the brand, we finally named it "Raven Extreme." 

Our Founder is a current member of the military. Being military can get tricky, balancing one's personal life and responsibilities and still serving in our incredible Armed Forces. Hence, life can get pretty "XTREME." You must be physically and mentally strong, both mind and spirit, to maintain the balance needed. And it is not easy. Our military members have to make a lot of sacrifices that a lot of people don't realize. Resiliency plays a significant factor in being able to cope with having a military life without going nuts. Being military, you lose certain freedom:

  •  You lose the ability to act and decide what is best for you and your family without including your Chain of Command (sometimes, it is intrusive in your personal life).


  •  You perceive me as rude because you are straightforward, and I do not know you well enough. This is true because many leaders did not take their time to get to know you. You lose the ability to speak your mind without being construed as disrespectful and not worry about repercussions. 


  • Troops, at times, do not know if they can trust their Leadership to help them in times of trouble. Many leaders don't like subordinates who can think for themselves because some want an "A YES SIR, YES MA'AM" type of person. Those who are outspoken and stand up not only for themselves but others are considered an "OUTCAST" and not part of the "COOL PEOPLE CLUB ." 


  • When things are simple to handle, they can become complicated because things have to be run up through the Chain of Command. Higher-ups say they empower their NCOs or lower-ranking officer to make the decisions but then get questioned without telling them why it was done.

The Raven XTreme mantra "NEVER GIVE UP" teaches us never to give up even when things get tough. It teaches that to survive in life and make things better for our personal and professional lives, we have to dig deep within our inner selves and keep moving forward in life.

Don't hesitate to share your story, so others may see that they are not alone in that part of their lives. 

EMAIL US AT: ravenstarexchange@gmail.com

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